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Jennifere Thompson is a portrait photographer who lives near Brisbane, Australia.

ICU Too is an ongoing portrait series of "wild animals." 

Since 2015, Jennifere has travelled around the world photographing animals living in their natural environment as well as inside man made enclosures and rehabilitation centres. 

"I photograph their faces close up, so that humans might imprint an emotion to memory. Recognise the parallel between themselves and the animal. Think about our environment and the impact it has on our endangered species." 

Jennifere Thompson believes in giving back to the animals by sharing her encounters through her images.



2023 Terra Quantum Project, Jennifere Thompson ICU Too, Mandrilus sphinx Congo

2022 19th Julia Margaret Cameron Award, Portrait Series, Honorable Mention, Outside Into

2022 Black & White Spider Awards 17th Annual, Honorable Mentions, Beyond Dark and Winners Grin

2021 15th International Colour Awards,  Honorary Color Master, Honorable Mention,  ICU  The Whistler, I am Smiling, 3 nomination

2021 Black & White Spider Awards, 16th Annual, Honorable Mention, Contemplation Saki, Dynamic Due, Nom: Silent Siamang.

2020 14th International Color Awards, Honorable Mention, ICU Bonobos, Prince of Pearls 

2020 15th  Black & White Spider Awards, Honorable Mention, Alpha Mandril, Nominee Proboscis Monkey, Capuchin Monkey

2020  AIPP Silver Linings Semi Finalist (Mandril) Illustrative Category

2020 13th International Colour Awards, Honorable Mention (forget Me Not), 2 Nominations,(FGN), Gone Fishing

2019 PDN. NY. Winner 1st Place, Professional Animal Portrait, Beyond Dark.

2019 Black & White Spider Award 14th Annual, 2 Honourable mentions and 3 nominations, Wildlife

2019  Capture Magazine Highly Commended "Alone" Portrait

2019 12th International Color Awards nominee for wildlife, Orang-tan Borneo, Silver Leaf Borneo

2018 PDN Faces, First Place winner, Professional, Animal Portrait

2018 Black & White Spider Awards, 1st Prize, Outstanding Achievement, Wildlife, "The Boy"

2018, Black & White Spider Awards, Honourable Mention Wildlife, A Long Call, Orangutan

2018, Matthew Flinders Art Prize, Commended, "Bird in Vines"

2018 Top 20 Portrait, Capture Magazine Emerging Australasian Photographer

2017, The Annual, Capture Magazine "The Boy" Portrait 

2017 Finalist, Friends of Monash Gallery Art, Photographic Exhibition

2017  Black and White Spider Award, nomination wildlife .

2017  Capture Magazine Top Emerging Photographer, Portrait , Runner Up       

2017  Capture Magazine March/April Issue, People Talent

2016 Finalist Top 10, AIPP Contemporary Photographic Art Prize Exhibition

2016 Finalist Capture Magazine Emerging Photographer of the year ,Portrait

2016 Epson AIPP VIC Finalist Emerging Photographer of the year

2016 Winner Pfeiffer Wines Peoples Choice award "The Vines"

2016 Prix De La Photographie Paris, Honorable Mention ICU TOO

2015 Canon AIPP 2015 Australian Emerging Photographer of the year

2015 AIPP Luminous Collection, "Waiting Time, ICU Too"

2015 Finalist Maggie Diaz Photographic Prize for Women Exhibition, "Beyond Dark"

2015, Winner, Epson AIPP VIC Emerging Photographer of the year, 

2015 Winner, AIPP Ian Hawthorne Perpetual Trophy 

2015 Winner, The Ministers Art Exhibition, Parliament Melbourne "Malu"

2015 Encouragement Award, Ficafolia Festival Art Show, “The Lighthouse New Castle”

2014 Winner, Corowa District Landcare Photographic Prize, NSW. “The Wren”

2013 Winner, Other section, Federation Art Show, Corowa NSW, "Lighthouse Split Point"

2013 Joint Winner, Greater City Dandenong, Community/Architectural Change


 Exhibitions: Solo

2021 McCloy Family Dentist, Revolving Exhibition ICU TOO

2020 September 1st - 30th, Woodford Regional Libriary

2020  ICU TOO, The Hub Gallery, Moreton Bay Regional Galleries & Museums, 4th August - 29th August 2020

2020 ICU TOO, The Hub Gallelry, Moreton Bay Regional Galleries & Museums, 31 March  - 02 May Cancelled COVID-19  

c2019 ICU Too, Bribie Island Community Arts, Artist of the Month Sept 

2016 ICU Too, Vox Populi Art Gallery, Ballarat

2016 ICU Too, Jindi Tavern Art Space, Jindivick, Gippsland, Victoria

2014 ICU Too,  The J Space Gallery, Contemporary Art Centre, Dandenong


Exhibition: Group

Coming Event, Winners  FotoNostrum Gallery Barcelona Italy, April -May 2023 Portrait

2019 Bribie Island Matthew Flinders Art Prize Exhibition

2018 Bribie Island Matthew Flinders Art Prize Exhibition

2017 Monash Gallery Art, Friends of MGA, Group

2016 AIPP Contemporary Photographic Art Prize Exhibitiion, South Australia Top 10 Australia

2015 The Ministers Art Exhibition, Parliament Melbourne "malu"

2015 Pfeiffer Wines Inaugural Art Exhibition

2014 Voice of Three,  Heritage Hill Gallery, Dandenong.

2014 Encryption,  "Outside Into" The Donkey Wheel House, Melbourne 

2013  Community Change, Greater City of Dandenong, (Architecture Change)

Published in print or online

2023 Terra Quantum, Jennifere Thompson life.terra-quantum, ICU TOO Mandrillus sphinx

Jennifere Thompson Published magazine, online and news , August 6th 2020

2020 14th Annual Black and White Spider, videos are short digital publications featuring curated

collections of the award-winning photography

2020, pg13

2020, Black and White Spider Awards, 

Winners Book. (Vol. 1 is out now and Vol. 2 April 2020)



2019, thhps://

2019 13th Annual Spider Awards,

20 19 Winners Book. (Vol. 2 pg 324-325, 354-355) Lonely Boy, Long Call



28 March 2017,

16 June 2017

2017, Australia's Top Emerging Photographers Award 2017,


July 3 2015

Canon AIPP National Awards, 

 2015 Epson AIPP State Awards 2015,

2014 Billy Blue, CATC Design School,

2013 Dandenong 

AIPP Australian Institute Professinal Photographer

2020 Semifinalist, Silver Lining Awards AIPP Mandrill Illustration

2019 APPAS Silver x 2

2019 Queensland AIPP State awards 2 Silver

2018 APPAS Silver x 2

2018 EPSON AIPP VIC Silver Distinction x 1, Silver x 2 

2017 AIPP Associate Member Honour Medal Award

2017 AIPP NATIONAL Silver x 2

2017 EPSON AIPP VIC  Silver Distinction x 2, Silver x 4

 2016  EPSON AIPP VIC Gold x 1, Silver Distinction x 3, Silver x 1

2015  CANON AIPP NATIONAL Gold x 2,  Silver Distinction x 1, 

2015  EPSON AIPP VIC, Gold x 1, Silver Distinction x 3, Silver x 1


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